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A ma ze ẹvbo ọmwan, a wiri

Gbaro ghe egbue!. Gha kp'owa vbe edogbo nu ye.
Gha rrie evbare esi.
Ghe Debae Iko Ne Evbo Na Bun.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Author - Omuhen


Omuhen (Author) : Uwagboe Ogieva ero yaen owa irhuemwin na. Uwagboe keghi ke evbo na tiere Egun vbe Ikpoba Okha re. Ovbiedo kpataki ere no. Ukpo 1974 era biore. O ye owebe no yo se vbe oto Igbo na tiere Anambra. Uwagboe keghi kun otuna ya do we na gha zedo kevbe gha ruore vbe esuku Oto Edo, Oto eNigiria kevbe Oto agbonhia


Uwagboe Ogieva is the author of this website. Uwagboe came from Egun in Ikpoba Okha. He was born 1974. He attended Higher institution in Anambra state in Igboland. Uwagboe designed this website to assist the learning of Edo language in Edo, Nigeria and Worldwide

Uwagboe Ogieva Biography

(Okha Evbabièmwen)

Uwagboe Ogieva hailed from Egun village, Oka III, by Idogbo village, Ikpoba okha, Edo State. Belong to Ogbeide Ogieva family.

Grew up in Benin City at Dumez rd off Sapele rd with 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Father, Mr. David Obasohan Ogieva pensioneer from UNIBEN . Mother: Mrs. Justina Egbon Omozogie Ogieva.

Attended Niger College Benin City, Obtained an ND in Finantial Studies / Accountancy at Federal Polytechnic Oko. Anambra State. Served as a teacher in accounting and mathematics a year before departure to Spain.

In Spain, continued on Spanish, French, Catalan language and computer technology at Micro Jem Institute (A professional private institute) and CENTRO PARKER COMPUTERS (A European Union extended University Program) for software Dev. and Prog. Analyst.

"A trained and certified IT engineer with good understanding of three European languages, Graphic, Web and App expert"

Have experienced most West African and European countries including Germany, Norway, Copenhagen, France, Italy, Belgium, London, Mali, Algeria, Morocco, and Niger. Led protest, rallies on African matters, Edo cultural participations in both local and international Festivals, a member of community of Nigerian in Cataluña, Secretary and co- founder of Edo Association in Barcelona, currently site manager of organizations and establishments.

Uwagboe Ogieva

Active in more than 30 egroups and social forums. Exchristian now Agnostic with respect to Edo/African spirituality and traditional culture. Read books and authors on psychology, philosophy, science, religion, and politics. Author and publisher of various articles and journals for various media outlets. A freelance writer , working with yawewe magazine, bykem,, and other publishing companies. Uwagboe is also working on Edo language research and development program, chair person-Edo language for all vision 2020.

Author can be reach via email at 

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