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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Family Morning Salutations In Edo Kingdom

Family Morning Salutations In Edo Kingdom


The generally acceptable Edo greetings, including for visitors are (1) Ọbowiẹ - Good Morning (2) Ọbavan - Good Afternoon   (3) Ọbota - Good evening (4) Koyo - Hello. However, bellow are structured family greeting in relations with all clans and chieftaincy of the Benin Empire. Some useful videos are included
The following morning salutations are associated with the various families in Edo Kingdom:
Family Name Salutation

1 Royal family (First royal period from Ogiso era) Delaiso (Laiso)
2 Royal Family (Second Royal Period from Eweka1) Lamogun
3 Iyase of Benin Lavbieze
4 Oliha of Benin Laogele
5 Edohen of Benin Latose
6 Isiemwenro Latose
7 Ezomo of Benin lagiesan
8 Ero of Benin Lamosun
9 Eholor Nire of Benin Laire
10 Oloton of Benin Lamehi
11 Elema of Benin Lagba
12 Ogiamen of Benin Laire
13 Ogiefa of Benin Larendo (Laidu)
14 Ine N'Igun of Benin Delani (or Lani)
15 Osa of Benin Delaiki (or Laiki)
16 Osuan of Benin Labo
17 Enogie of Ugo N' Iyekorhionmwon Labo
18 Osenugba Labo
19 Odionwere N'Idumwun Edo Labo
20 Iyase of Udo Lagiewan
21 Enogie of Ugo N'eki Delakun (or Lakun)
22 Enogie of ute Lagite
23 Ise of Utekon Laeru
24 Iyase of Uselu Layede
25 Elawure of Usen Delauhe (Lauhe)
26 Ezima (or Ojima) of Okeluhen Layeru
27 Enogie of Uvbe Lauvbe
28 Enogie of Ehor Dalaeho (or Laeho)
29 Eholor of Igieduma Delaihon (or laihon)
30 Olokhunmwun Delagun (or Lagun)
31 Umodu Lamodu
32 Emezi Lamezi
33 Eni of Uzae (Ijare) Lamore
34 Aide Laide
35 Olumoru Lamoru
36 Oloke Laloke
37 Ughe Laughe
38 Igie laigie
39 Ugha laugha
40 Ohenukoni of Eviekoi Delaihe (or Laihe)
41 Enogie of Irhue Delalu (or Lalu )
42 Enogie of Evbokabua Lavbiuwa
43 Emeri Lameri
44 Agia Lagia
45 Eze Lamero
46 Emehe Lamehe
47 Akpan Delakpan (or Lakpan)
48 Umolu Lamolu
49 Ize Laize
50 Umokun lamokun
51 Ureni Lareni
52 Idu Laidu
53 Iren lairen
54 Igiena Laigena
55 Emekon Lamekon
56 Enogie of Erua Lagierua

Courtesy: Origin Of Benin Chieftaincy Titles

Courtesy: Origin of Benin chieftaincy titles - Prince Ena Eweka (Edited By Uwagboe Ogieva). www.otedo.com


Ogiso Igodo - "Dalaiso"
Eweka - "Lamogun"
Iyase of Benin - "Lavbieze"
Oliha of Benin - "Lagole"
Edohen of Benin - "Latose"
Ezomo of Benin - "Lagiesan"
Ero of Benin - "Lamosun"
Eholo-Nire of Benin - "Laire"
Oloton of Benin -"Lamehi"
Elema of Benin - "Lagbo"
Ogiamen of Benin -"Laire"
Ogiefa of Benin - "Larendo"
Ine N’Igun of Benin -"Lani"
Osa of Benin -"Laiki"
Osuan of Benin Labo
Enogie of Ugo N’Iykorhionmwon - "Labo"
Osenugba - "Ebo"
Odionwere N’Idunmwun- "Ebo Ebo"
Iyase of Udo - "Lagiewan"
Elawure of Usen - "Lauhe"
Ezima{Ojima} of Okeluhen - "Layeru"
Enogie of Uvbe - "Lauvbe"
Enogie of Ehor - "Ealaeho"
Eholor of Igieduma - "Laihon"
Olokhunmwun - "Lagun"
Umodu - "Lamodu"
Emezi - "Lamezi"
Eni of uzae{Ijare} - "Lamore"
Aide - "Laide"
Olomoru - " Lamore"
Oloke -"Laloke"
Ughe - "Laughe"
Igie Laigie
Ugha Laugha
Ohennukoni of Evbbiekoi - "Laihe"
Enogie of Irhue - "Lalu"
Enogie of Evbokabua - "Labiuwa"
Emeri - "Lameri"
Agia - "Lagia"
Eze - "Lameri"
Emehe - "Lamehe"
Akpan - "Lakpan"
umolu - " Lamolu"
Ize - "Laize"
Umokun - "Lamokun"
Ureni - "Lareni"
Idu - "Laidu"
Iren - "Lairen"
Igiena - "Lagiena"
Umekon - "Lamekon"
Isienmwenro{Asaka no soghion oba} – "Latose"
The strict adherences to the custom and spirituality observances of the Edo land have always played a dominant role in the life of Edo people. It is therefore no wonder that most of these observances developed from their innate consciousness of their beliefs in their creator (osanobuwa or Osanobua or Osanoghodua) who they say can only be reached through the spirits of their ancestors or their departed parents or elder they term Enikaro (The originator).

 In like manner, the Edo have associated themselves with the past and it is not uncommon to find that every family is therefore traced to its original forebear; a fact which is borne out by their family morning salutations. In most cases, these morning salutations are interlinked with the various chieftaincy titles of the land.

A common saying in Benin is that those who have no family salutation are either stranger or else not freeman, but even those who are supposed to belong to these groups (of strangers or non freeman) usually take the morning salutations of their masters as the case may be.
- Greeting After A Meal : Celebrating Edo Culture And Tradition

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Greeting After A Meal : Celebrating Edo Culture And Tradition

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