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Ukhionmwen vbe Edo (Edonaze)

Make a sentence and translate in Edo using Ukhionmwen (1/2) Ukhiomwekpo should be 100 naira because Ekpo = 200 . 50 naira is correctly Ikpen ugie vb'isele igbe. when you say "vb'ukhionmwen" is different from when you say ukhionmwekpo (Ukhionmwen ekpo)


"Ugbamwen ede: not used for a day, but for a fix period of time, it's used for end of a period of time for event. Others we use "Ō" not "U" then it will be Ogbavbe uzola, Ugba does not go with vbe, it goes with mwen. For end of day we say: ede gbae or (ra) ede keree o!. Ugbamwen uki, Ugbamwen ukpo, is the correct rendering not "vbe": where we use mwen cannot be substituted with " vbe" otherwise the nasals will be missing from the pronunciation. mwen is possesive (pronoun) while vbe is use in both preposition and conjunction "mwen" as possessive, it is not used with Ogba, but with Ugba. Ogbavbe eva (preposition /conjunction) not Ugbavbe Eva. mwen: possessive is not personal but adverbial. It is like saying orhogho mwen etin. Ugbavbe Eva is addressed to persons directly, but Ogbavbe Eva refers to anything. Which is complete either way. it's ugbamwen. Reason cuz we have ogba ne ra? (is it complete) ra ogbavbeva not ovb