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A ma ze ẹvbo ọmwan, a wiri

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Avbe Ebe Edo - Edo Language Books

Recommended Edo-English Books for Edo - African Language learners:
  • Agheysi R.N. (1986) Edo English Dictionary. Ethiope Publishing Company. Benin City. Nigeria
  • Imasuen E.PhD (1970) Edo course for schools and colleges. Book 1-3. Aisien Publishing. Benin City. Nigeria
  • Melzian H.J. PhD. (1937) A consice Dictionary of Benin language.
  • Omoregie OSB PhD. Edo Grammar for schools and colleges. Nelson
  • Osemwegie Ero Osayomwonbo (2003) Teaching the Basics of Edo langauge in schools and colleges. Erosa Sunlink Publication Incoporated, Ugbowo. Benin City. Nigeria
  • Osemwegie Ero Osayomwonbo . Egirama Edo Nogbae – Intensive Edo Gramar. 136Pages.
    Other Books By Osemwegie Ero Osayomwonbo :
    1. The Magic Tongue
    2. the Pirate of Benn River
    3. Eto-Riddle of Life
    4. Izelogha
    5. Ebomisi
    6. Asoro theWorrior
    7. Iwoki
    8. Okha Edo 1-3
    9. The Laws of Broadcasting Journalism. Volume 1-3
    10. Ogiso Dynasty
    11. Igue festival
    12. Ivin Eva
    13. Legal Issues in Benin Marriage System
    14. Imeokpaghare
    15. Poems in Benin
    16. Democracy Poems
    17. Marriage System in Benin Kingdom
    18. The History of Ero Family
    19. Benin Nnative Law and custom
    20. The Moats of Great Benin Kingdom
    21. Some Great Women of the Ancient Benin
    22. Philosophy of Morning Salutation in Benin
    23. Intensive Edo Grammar Book 1
    24. Maratha Races in Ancient Benin
    25. Deep Study of Edo Peoms
    26. Teaching the Basics of Edo labguage in schools and colleges.
    27. Edo Rida 1-6 for primary school
    28. Benin Edo National Day
    29. The Benin Man
    30. The History of Igun N'ugboha
    31. Intensive Edo grammar book II
    32. The History of Idumwowinna Iyekorhionmwon
    33. Oron(Dirges) as Oral Poem in Edo
    34. Ominigbon Divination Styories as oral literature in Edo
    35. The Odyssey of Queen Eyowo
    36. Enughonron Edo Heavenly Story Tellers (Astrologers & Astronomer)
Books By Naiwu Osahon:
There are currently 126 titles in the OBOBO BOOK list, including the following:
  • The missing gold ring
  • Laruba and her rabbits
  • Ada and the hunchback child
  • Right-on Miss Moon
  • Madam Universe sent man
  • The hawk and the eagle
  • The land of the spirits
  • Odu and Onah
  • Zeze
  • Mosquito wahala
  • Amina
  • The crooked flute
  • Wicked Wagogo
  • Flies’ paradise
  • Giant Alakuku
  • Buki and her boot
  • The blue cowry
  • Mission impossible
  • Udenguma
  • Ekeoma
  • The fruit trees
  • The Vendor
  • Maroko
  • Junior and his mascot
  • Winds of life
  • Bulubulu and Bamboko
  • The day of the animal
  • The harmattan princess
  • Whao! Whao!! The Queen
  • The Emir’s green horse
  • Granma’s ghost
  • Once upon a dream
  • The pigmies are angry
  • Labalaba the butterfly
  • Korondo-korondo the goblin
  • The water and fish story
  • Meao, Meao, is enough
  • Elephant’s tiny eyes
  • Parrots have no secrets
  • Bats anger with day light
  • Ivie
  • Manna from heaven
  • Star wars
  • Why monkeys live on trees
  • The fire and water war
  • Papa’s farm
  • Amaka goes to school
  • Back in the village
  • Rabbit’s first day in the city
  • Why flies buzz in our ears
  • The invisible man
  • Ododo
  • Papa’s dream
  • Spooky shadow
  • Water Momi
  • Spirit wife
  • Ogbanje
  • Kokumo
  • Mumu
  • The haunted house
  • Amiable twins
  • The hunter
  • Gbeleogudu
  • The maniac
  • The fish boy
  • Grandpa’s magic stick
  • Beremutaba
  • Edun
  • Gorimapa the clown
  • Ahmed the snake boy
  • Dust bin squad
  • The rainbow five
  • Bumbling bobi
  • The cripple
  • The rain maker
  • Loloma and Aguni
  • The baby monster
  • Sweet mother
  • One long night
  • We need a dream
  • Otutugama
  • Market spirits
  • Father’s day
  • Ekeretumo
  • My darling sister
  • The evil genius
  • The masquerades
  • Ape girl
  • Bag lady
  • Bed-bug war
  • Baby thieves
  • Home so blessed
  • The rogue Minister
  • Stumpy the bully
  • The detainee
  • Borikumoh
  • Mother’s day
  • Madam Ike and Mr X
  • Iva
  •  House bubus

 African know thyself
 The Black holocaust
 Edo the kingdom of love
 400 years and still a slave
 African origin of civilization
 Just before we die


 My spiritual odyssey

 Alphabets and careers
 ABC Animal talk
 Observe, puzzle and paint playbook
 Culture and tradition funbook
 Obobo colouring book of history
 Busy bee work book

 Baba Olu
 Pa Ekeremute


 Sex is a Nigga
 God is Black
 The Climate of Darkness
 A Nation in Custody
 The color of anger
 Black Power
 The Black Agenda
 The End of Knowledge

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