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A ma ze ẹvbo ọmwan, a wiri

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Ekharra Oghe Ibieka Kevbe Iku Nede


T’okpa Edo hia odin,
L’Eka ya se’Udo
Igua l’aro rue o
Nu kodo gha de.
Ade ghu we eo!Ra tu gh’uz’ebo, n’uwa tiere no!
Me ghi gha die Ebo,
Igio tue Ewolfu, Omo ogidigan.
K’Apkata n’ofu
N’ere Michigan


Ebo n’ohon Edo
Emwen rue ye mwen
Ebo n’oz’Edo, / Ebo N’ogben’ Edo
Emwen rue ye mwen
Gu’ezo ekotu me
We n’iguese n’okhua
Gha ma uwe Edo mwen,
Uwe n’omwan n’ofia
Oyunua onakhin G’hugele hon Edo


White man that hears Edonaze!
I like you
White man that speaks Edonaze!
White man that writes Edonaze!
I like you
judge this case for me
you that knows best.
Who taught you Edonaze? You whiteman
This is wonderful, that you
understands Edonaze.
Its suprises every Edo person far and near.
I'm looking for you, please come
If you shining!
If you cares I will come to you abroad.
Extend my greetings to Wolf and
Omo ogidigan including
gentile Akpata the father of Michigan

Uki N'ekhui

Uki N'ekhui Dark Moon Estrella Negra
Uki ne khui! uki ne khui!
Egbe ye mwẹn se vbe uh rie owa
I mudia khẹ wẹ vbe ẹdẹ ugie
ẹmwẹn wẹ yẹ mwẹn ne ọh mose
Uki ne khui! uki ne khui!
Ye mwẹn re uh gha sẹ owa.
Moon dark moon! Moon dark moon!
Unhappy when you fade away
Waiting for you at the festival
Your admiration brightens the earth
Moon dark moon! Moon dark moon!
Remember me when you get home
Estrella negra!, estrella negra!,
Me pongo triste cuando te vas
Te espero en la fiesta,
su admiraciọn aclara la tierra!
Estrella negra!, Estrella negra!
Recuẹrdeme cuando vuelves

Poems by Uwagboe Ogieva

ẹzẹ n'ugue nagbon
ẹzẹ n’ugue n’agbon! ẹzẹ n’ugue n’agbon!
Amen n’ẹzẹ ghi  si ọfọ, ẹh ghi mwen eghian.
Udinmwen onren, ohan n’ugboriri. Amen no vbe evbarhe n’ah gha awon kevbe ah gha ya khuẹ.
Okaro non vbe owiẹ, avan kevbe ason.
ẹzẹ n’okpe ugue n’agbon, oh ri hon okpa ghi sẹtin ýin agbon vbe uh wẹ ghi rrọ .
Iso, ẹhoho kevbe evbu ma gba vbe u wẹ ghi rrọ.
Arhamwen kevbe evbakọ ghi  ýin se vbe uh wẹ ghi rrọ.
Uhun wẹ okọ n’ẹzẹ khia tota yi.
ẹko wẹ ehẹn hia ye.
ẹzẹ n’ugue n’agbon! ẹzẹ n’ugue n’agbon!
urhuẹse vbe arhuẹmwegbe kevbe iyobọ n'uh ye


River that covers the earth!
Rivers that covers the earth!
River water never gives heat and has no enemy.
Its dept trembles.
Water in food, we drink and wash our body.
First in the morning, afternoon and night.
Great rivers of the earth, no living thing can exist without you.
The cloud, winds and snow are incomplete without you.
Animals and plants don’t grow without you.
Boats and ships on your head.
ishes and all creations in water world reside on your belly
River that covers the earth! Rivers that covers the earth!
Thanks for your love and care for the world



¡Río que cubre la tierra!
Ríos que cubre la tierra!.
Su departamento tiembla.
Riegue en alimento, bebemos y lavamos
nuestro cuerpo. Primero por la
mañana, la tarde y la noche.
Los grandes ríos de la tierra,
ninguna cosa viva pueden existir sin ti.
La nube, los vientos y la nieve son
incompletas sin ti.
Los animales y las plantas
no crecen sin ti.
Barcos y naves en su cabeza.
Los pescados y todas las creaciones
en el mundo del agua residen en su vientre.
¡Río que cubre la tierra!
Ríos que cubre la tierra!.
Gracias por su amor

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