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Edo dictioanry by agheisy

The word ULABA is corrupted from the word ' Number '. I think the best word for it is Emwinaka vb' Edo.

"Mr edoighimioya please i kindly beg you to reach out with Rev father Brodick in St Augustine catholic church ukhegie street off I. c.e road on Benin city they have a good team of Bini intellectual that will help develop on it They trained Bini news caster .The E.B.S newscasters are product of that catholic church "- Morgan

Ọbota ọtẹn nọghaan, I just read the translation u post in "IRUẸMWI ẸDO N'AZẸ", and I say well-done. However, based on the rules guiding d formation of words (ikpẹmwẹ ne a kun) in Ẹdo, all nouns in Ẹdo (names: b it borrowed/adopted/currupted) must begins and ends with a vowel. (Omozuwa 2003). Therefore, nouns that are adopted/borrowed into Edo language undergo the process of either vowel elision, Or vowel insertion, Or consonant deletion/omission, or both. Eg: school = esuku, motor= imọto, machine =emasini,

"HAPPY CELEBRATION TO UKWUANI LANGUAGE CULTURE_CMELS" In celebrating our third year on facebook social media, Ukwuani Language Culture_Cmels is wishing all Ukwuani language friends & lovers a successful cruising towards the end of year 2014. We are still very much committed to uniting our younger generations to our

Learn Edo The Easy Way: Edo - English Dictionary Paperback By Brian Robbo d this interesting language Edo, this book titled: "Learn Edo the Easy Way" / "Edo - English Dictionary", with over 450 pages and more than 35,000 words contains almost every aspect of Edo day to day's spoken words. So, get it and be glad you did........ 2. To help you and your family learn and understand this interesting language Edo, this over 250 pages and more than 35,000 words book, with almost every aspect of Edo day to day's spoken words will do just that. So, get it and be glad you did

Abu Abdul-razak: Good literature, i started speaking edo language right 4rm child nd i hv never been to benin den wen i speak. I was born nd hail in afemal bt i understand esan bini etsako nd owan. it wil b beta to train people in edo language nd employ them in educational sector to teach the language 4rm primary to tertiary institue. I beliv

Uwagboe Ogieva:  We just have to take it one way. that is take the Benin language and empire (OUR ALL EDO HERITAGE ) teach and encourage our children to learn it. The Original Benin language is not for the Edo south BUT OUR ALL EDO ANCESTRAL LANGUAGE.. Like the ijebu, awore, etc took the Yoruba (OYO) as there general Yoruba language. infact many scholars have argued that the

Free Edo Language eBook Online Powered by OTEDO.COM Lectured by Uwagboe Ogieva This Book is the copyright of the author. Basically for domestic use. Any unauthorize sales, copy, reference, publishing in any form are high prohibited. Cost pize of the Copy of the Book  or excesize is 5euros and can be ordered online. Book Store: Introduction To Edonaze......................................................... 5 euros Edo Numerology (1st Edition) ................................................70 euros The Mathematics of Money in Edonaze (1st Edition).................40 euros Brief Guide To Understand Edo Language................................10 euros Collection of Edo Ancient Philosophy and Gallery.....................20 euros Edoid Nation of Nigeria...........................................................30 euros (DVD) Video Lecture: Omuhen Edonaze by Uwagboe Ogieva.....25 euros (CD-Audio) : Omuhen Edonaze................................................15 euros

"Language is capable of wearing several meanings in its message, mode, and receptacle. Do influences action, behavior, norms, values and other abstract yet perceptible roles of human beings in a society. Language brings mutual relationship and trust among different ethnic groups, community and trade" -Alex Igbineweka( Guosa-West African Language Evolutionist. "Azekazudo of Benin Kingdom"

The Meaning of the word Amwen Omo The value of the word Omo ,as in Omo N' Oba and Amwen Omo when a relitive,s wife is addressed is more than the meaning of a child. In my humble understanding Omo has come to carry a higher meaning than just a child from the time of Oba Ewuare N' Gidigan ( Ewuare the great ) As a mark of royal-like respect for all Benin married women they were to be addressed as Amwen Omo. From the time of Oba Ewuare the word OMO had started gaining the status of a single- personality - head that encompasses the entire Benin chiefs and subjects within the Benin kingdom. The word Omo began to enjoy a euphemism for the Oba as the subjects could not ulter the names or title name of the Oba for reasons of respect. Amwen omo therefore, in theory, was the wife of every man and woman in her husband's family which was ultimately headed by the Oba. I hope no one will mis-interpret this again. Practically there was a red line between this wife and all , except the real husband Emokpae Odigie

Ulaba vbe Edo 1  TO 100,000
By Uwagboe Ogieva 
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12000 - 14000 14000 - 16000
22000 - 24000
24000 - 26000
26000 - 28000
28000 - 30000
30000 - 32000
32000 - 34000
34000 - 36000
36000 - 38000
38000 – 40000
40000 – 42000
42000 – 44000
44000 – 46000
46000 – 48000
48000 – 50000
50000 – 52000
52000 – 54000
54000 – 56000
56000 – 58000
58000 – 60000
60000 – 62000
62000 – 64000
64000 – 66000
66000 – 68000
68000 – 70000
70000 – 72000
72000 – 74000
74000 – 76000
76000 – 78000
78000 – 80000
80000 – 82000
82000 – 84000
84000 – 86000
86000 – 88000
88000 – 90000
90000 – 92000
92000 – 94000
94000 – 96000
96000 – 98000
98000 – 100000
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