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Minister tells teachers to use local language No English

Minister tells teachers to use local language No English Education Minister, Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, has asked heads and teachers of basic schools to desist from the use of the English language as the sole medium of instruction in the classrooms. Heads of basic schools, she noted, introduced English Language too early, making it difficult to prepare students adequately for higher academic learning. She therefore urged teachers to use the local languages as medium of instruction in the classroom and gradually introduce the English language after the local language had been fully developed. “When we teach children in languages that they do not understand, teaching and learning do not take place and frustration begins to build,” she said in Accra last Monday at a ceremony to mark the beginning of the assessment teachers for the 2014 National Best Teachers Award. Shortlisted teachers are being interviewed by a panel of educationists and the best among them would be sele

An Open Letter To Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams A. Oshiomole. For The Sake Of Our Mother Tongue: A Cry For Help

MAR 4 AN OPEN LETTER TO EDO STATE GOVERNOR, COMRADE ADAMS A. OSHIOMOLE. FOR THE SAKE OF OUR MOTHER TONGUE: A CRY FOR HELP The Comrade Governor Sir, Edo Focus Parliament is a Pan-Edo interest group, formed primarily to propagate, promote and defend our age-long values of Unity; dignity of Labour; and unassailable cultural standing in the comity of states. We wish to respectfully draw Mr. Governor's attention to the rather apprehensive and pertinent observation made by UNESCO regarding the imminent extinction of several languages, including sadly,the Edo language from the face of the earth. Your Excellency will doubtless be deeply concerned about this uncheering news since you are a well grounded Edo man. Without much ado, as parents and Guardians, we are reliably informed that Edo language has been systemically obliterated from our public schools curriculum and we are alarmed that most stakeholders have shown little or no concern to this misnomer. We have th

Igbinedion University, Okada Inaugurating Centre For Edo Studies

Commendation to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Senate of the Igbinedion University, Okada, for inaugurating Centre for Edo Studies The Interim Management Committee of Edo Forum of Patriots acknowledge with deep gratitude the establishment of a dedicated academic unit for the pursuit of research and teaching of Edo Language, history, relics and impacts of Edo culture generally on global civilization. This gesture (letter of appreciation) became expedient because of ourcommitment towards salvaging our language and cultural significance from the ravaging western imperialism. We respectfully appeal to well-meaning corporate bodies and public institutions to emulate this noble initiative, by supporting IUO's prolific vision, or floating complimentary programs of this nature. The need to have this unique intellectual arm in our 'Citadel of learning' as many as possible cannot be overemphasized, even as the scourge of cultural imperialism is prevalent in ou

Origin Of The Edoid Group Of Languages

Origin Of The Edoid Group Of Languages Origin of the edoid group of languages are north west of benin city proper, from: archeology and language vol27, edoid languages show thier greatest diversity north west of benin city: joseph eboreime,oral traditions and pre history of edo speaking people of benin. Elugbe 1979 suggest that this region is the original edoid home land also see emerging towns in benin and esan nigeria AD 500-1500 by patrick darling, from north west of benin city edoid speakers would have spread southwards to the plains into the delta area. The linguistic evidence indicates an early dispersal from the north western forest margin which distributed a proto-edoid belt from the north to the extreme south and far west where they developed the dialectical features that distinguish the Benin from esan(ishan) from southern dialects, from states and society: the emergence and developement of social hierachy and political centralization by john gledhill and barbar

Oracle, site guide

100 - 1 Trillion units Vowels – “Ola” vbe Edo  (Audio)Ota idanmwehor oghe Abidi vbe Ola norre Edonaze (Video)  Abidi vbe Ola vbe Edo Agriculture Alphabets Animals Body Parts * Animals - Domestic Animals - Wild Animal - Sea Animals - Wind Animals - Carnivorous Animals -  Insects  | Birds  Arithmetic Arts and Culture Bodmas in Edo Books Calendars Colors in Edo Commercial & Private institutes Comprehension & Conversation Consonants in Edo with Audio Creativity and innovations Day  -  Week  -  Month  &  Year Digestive System  Documents Edo Family Tree Edo Calculator Edonaze Made Easy - African language Guide 1: Online Dictionary [edofolks] Edo Philosophy-Itan Edo  |  Part 2  |  Wallpapers Erhunmwun ibiẹka-Children's Prayer Meals Kitchen Utensils  House Properties Basic Human Utilities School Items & Properties Essay and Letter Writing Use of “Gui

Ẹkpo In Monetary Term In Edonaze

Ẹkpo In Monetary Term By Uwagboe Ogieva Ẹkpo = Two hundred 200 x 1 = 200 / ẹkpo ọkpa 200 x 2 = 400 / ẹkpo eva 200 x 3 = 600 / ẹkpo eha 200 x 4 = 800 / ẹkpo enen 200 x 5 = 1000 / ẹkpo isen 200 x 6 = 1200 / ẹkpo ehan 200 x 7 = 1400 / ẹkpo ihinron 200 x 8 = 1600 / ẹkpo erenren 200 x 9 = 1800 / ẹkpo ihinrin 200 x 10 = 2000 / ẹkpo igbe ẹkpo owọrọ (200 x 11) = 2200 ẹkpo iweva (200 x 12) = 2400 ẹkpo iweha (200 x 13) = 2600 ẹkpo iwenen (200 x 14) = 2800 ẹkpo ekesugie (200 x 15) = 3000 ẹkpo enen ẹi rrọ vbe ugie (200 x 16) = 3200 ẹkpo eha ẹi rrọ vbe ugie (200 x 17) = 3400 ẹkpo eva ẹi rrọ vbe ugie (200 x 18) = 3600 ẹkpo ọkpa ẹi rrọ vbe ugie (200 x 19) = 3800 ẹkpo ugie (200 x 20) = 4000 200 x 21 = 4200 ẹkpo ọkpa yanren ugie ----------------------- 200 x 22 = 4400 ẹkpo eva yanren ugie ----------------------- 200 x 23 = 4600 ẹkpo eha yanren ugie ----------------------- 200 x 24 = 4800 ẹkpo enen yanre

Edo Music Playlist

These playlists are collections of  Edo (African) highlife music in history. Great songs from living legend too included. Artists range from Ohenhen, Amunataba, Artur Alile, Omochico-Bay, Adamosa, Talents of Benin, Patrick Idahosa, Richard Ugiagbe, Dombraye Aghama, Collins Oke, Great Ojo, Isaac Eguasa, Osayomore Joseph, Ukodo, Osula, Akaba Man,Robinson, Fabomo, Victor Uwaifo , the best of "Uselu motor park" led by Osaro Nomayo and some of the best from Etsako and Esan collections.. Enjoy it!    

Esosa (vbe óh rie ma / what it means)

Esosa (vbe óh rie ma / what it means) (Discussion on yahoo group) Esosa is a corrupt word from Eseosa (God's gift). 'Eseosa is use when writing in English language while in Edo language is 'ẹseosa' i.e. revealing the difference of the vowel sound 'ẹ' 'o' and 'a' as the correct pronunciations of said name. ẹseosa as a name is mostly female name but often inter use for male child. It should be noted that ẹseosa could be an abbreviation from ẹseosasẹre (together as a noun); meaning God gift is the best. As African culture and traditions permits, names are giving to children base on various reasons ranging from, events, situation, condition, gratitude, mode of keeping history, wish and desire for their child etc. In above said name one could imagine, parents who give such name means to express gratitude to their imaginary supreme being, suppose provider of the said child for a nice and admirable son or daughter they have. Expatiating on the li

Eyurhopu - Europe

Eni évbo n'ore eh  uropu  (EUROPE) kevbe eh  kapita  ihian debae   Ama ẹ vbo - Flag   óghe ihian By  Uwagboe Ogieva ingilisi - English Edonaze Kapita - Capital Edonaze Language - évbonazé Albania Alibania Tirana Tirana Andorra Andorra Andorra la Vella Andorra ne Vila Armenia Arimena Yerevan Yerevan Austria Asutiria Vienna Viẹna Azerbaijan Azebaigian Baku Baku Belarus Belarrus Minsk Minsiki Belgium Beligion Brussels Birruze Bosnia Herzegovina Bosinia vbe Hezegovina Sarajevo Saragievo Bulgaria Bọligarria Sofia Sofia Croatia Kiruatia Zagreb Zagirirebi Cyprus Sipirọsi Nicosia Nicosia Czechia Sekia Prague Pirage Denmark Denimaki Copenhagen Kopehagen Estonia Esitonia Tallinn Talin Finland Finlandi Helsinki Hẹlisiki France Firansi Paris Paris Georgia Giọgia Tbilisi Tibilisi Germany Egiamani Berlin Bẹlin Gree