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Minister tells teachers to use local language No English

Minister tells teachers to use local language No English

Education Minister, Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, has asked heads and teachers of basic schools to desist from the use of the English language as the sole medium of instruction in the classrooms.

Heads of basic schools, she noted, introduced English Language too early, making it difficult to prepare students adequately for higher academic learning.
She therefore urged teachers to use the local languages as medium of instruction in the classroom and gradually introduce the English language after the local language had been fully developed.

“When we teach children in languages that they do not understand, teaching and learning do not take place and frustration begins to build,” she said in Accra last Monday at a ceremony to mark the beginning of the assessment teachers for the 2014 National Best Teachers Award.

Shortlisted teachers are being interviewed by a panel of educationists and the best among them would be selected for the awards on October 5 to coincide with the World Teachers Day.

Prof. Opoku-Agyemang said studies had shown that students performed better when taught in the local language and appealed to the teachers to endeavour to use the local language as a medium of instruction at the basic level.

Unhappy that there was no Best Teacher in Ghanaian Language category award, she urged organisers of the programme to make provision for local languages in future ceremonies.
“The inclusion of Ghanaian language is critical. It is important for learning. Sometimes, we compare ourselves unfavourably with countries like Malaysia and South Korea, but all these countries teach in their local languages,” she said.

She commended teachers shortlisted for the interview and urged them to continue to work hard.

“Nobody can thank any teacher well enough. You are making significant contributions to the development of the country,” she said and added that the state would forever be grateful for the contributions of teachers.

The Director of Education in charge of Pre-Tertiary Education, Ms Rebiana Azara Amandi, said a total of 170 teachers had been selected from all the 10 regions to be interviewed for the awards.

Categories for the awards according to her, included Best Teacher in Mathematics, Science, French, and Special Education. She assured that a category for Best Teacher in Ghanaian Language would be included in subsequent ceremonies.

Ms. Amandi said the teachers shortlisted, were nominated by their school heads, community elders and some students and added that they had successfully gone through the circuit, district and regional interviews before being selected for the national.


An Open Letter To Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams A. Oshiomole. For The Sake Of Our Mother Tongue: A Cry For Help


The Comrade Governor Sir,

Edo Focus Parliament is a Pan-Edo interest group, formed primarily to propagate, promote and defend our age-long values of Unity; dignity of Labour; and unassailable cultural standing in the comity of states.
We wish to respectfully draw Mr. Governor's attention to the rather apprehensive and pertinent observation made by UNESCO regarding the imminent extinction of several languages, including sadly,the Edo language from the face of the earth. Your Excellency will doubtless be deeply concerned about this uncheering news since you are a well grounded Edo man.

Without much ado, as parents and Guardians, we are reliably informed that Edo language has been systemically obliterated from our public schools curriculum and we are alarmed that most stakeholders have shown little or no concern to this misnomer. We have therefore resolved that you take immediate step to reverse this inglorious scenario and save our dear mother tongue from the predicted hurricane. Andrew Dalby's assertion" A language dies every two weeks" depicts how serious this issue is. Studies by linguistic scholars further buttress this trend; as they evidently affirmed that over 3000 of about 6700 languages the world over will be extinct over the next century. It is worthy of note that 96% of the worlds population speak just 4% of the 6700 languages. This underscores how small languages are marginalized and put under pressure by larger ones and they must "fight" to survive every where, including our geographical divide.

Years of unguided, unmoderated and unwholesome assimilation of other cultural values, especially the English language in its standard, sub standard and bastardized forms have resulted in a violent dislocation that has alienated our youths and some adults from the Edo language in a dangerous way. Comrade Governor Sir, it is considered really trendy and sophisticated for young Edo children and adults to tell you with a sense of smugness that: "I can't speak Edo" "I can barely understand". And we speak of children born, bred and raised in Benin City. For their peers living outside Edo State, try address them in Edo language, and you get a strange look that says, "Oh! here comes one of the village oldies".And God help you, if you are hoary headed and a bit bent from age, because you would just have confirmed their perception.

Comrade Governor, we are not being facetious, the loss of identity consequent upon the losing of their language by our youths is complete . It is even more heart rending to find the painful linguistic torture you have to endure from the "English Language" of this class, when you try to engage some of them, in the English language they claim they speak.

When we compare this scenario to that of children from non English speaking European and Asian countries, who at age five can speak their languages fluently as well as the English language learnt from school and how that secures for them a sense of identity and build their self confidence, we can begin to understand the root of the disparity between those civilizations and ours. Comrade Governor Sir, we need not state here the inalienable value of our mother tongue. We need not state how it connects us to the brotherly fellow feeling with our community and how that together reaches back to our progenitors, our history, our heritage and culture. Language is our identity, the common bond of existence in a metaphysical land scape.

How many times in our lives experiences have we found unspeakable relief, consolation and bond in meeting our "language person" in other shores of the world. Not infrequently, life time bonds are formed from such musical phrases like: "Ovbiedo u kain"? "Oto' ma u kia"? " E'san we' khin" ? from such chance encounters.

Our Comrade Governor Sir, we are very worried about this negative development and the implications it procures for our history, our present and our future as a race. We are therefore appealing to you, to please convene an Edo Language summit to address this issue. The Forum is pledging an unmitigated functional partnership with the present administration to secure our common destiny. Already, Hon. Edokpolo has been involved in a limited sense in this endeavour through translation of Edo movies language into English to connect to our youth population. It is however our considered opinion that Government needs to firmly make Edo language a compulsory part of our academic syllabus from nursery to senior secondary school levels.

This with other deliberately organized and encouraged social interactions with the language will definitely find us reclaiming our roots again across Edo south/North & Central. We are confident that the Comrade Governor will find this a worth while legacy to bequeath to the Edo nation in his administration. Another issue of no less importance is teaching of history and social studies which now seem relegated to some academic trash can, but need to be revisited due to the importance of a people knowing who they are.

Please accept the assurances of our highest regard and support.

Aiyamenkhue Edokpolo
Hon. Austin Atakpu Esq
Rt. Hon. Bright Omokhodion.
For and on behalf of the Edo Focus Parliament, Worldwide.

Igbinedion University, Okada Inaugurating Centre For Edo Studies

Commendation to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Senate of the Igbinedion University, Okada, for inaugurating Centre for Edo Studies

The Interim Management Committee of Edo Forum of Patriots acknowledge with deep gratitude the establishment of a dedicated academic unit for the pursuit of research and teaching of Edo Language, history, relics and impacts of Edo culture generally on global civilization. This gesture (letter of appreciation) became expedient because of ourcommitment towards salvaging our language and cultural significance from the ravaging western imperialism.

We respectfully appeal to well-meaning corporate bodies and public institutions to emulate this noble initiative, by supporting IUO's prolific vision, or floating complimentary programs of this nature. The need to have this unique intellectual arm in our 'Citadel of learning' as many as possible cannot be overemphasized, even as the scourge of cultural imperialism is prevalent in our homes and body language of expressions in the public. It is that bad that most of us are ashamed of our native names, and indisposed to naming our children our cultural identities, which are by themselves reflections of unique existentialism.

In the coming days, a high powered exploratory panel will be constituted to expand the scope of networking between IUO, and other related corporate bodies, with a view to fast-racking the objectives for the concerned public. We also wish to place on record a commitment on behalf of EFP to partner the IUO in this regard.
Congratulations. Please accept the assurances of our esteemed regards.

Origin Of The Edoid Group Of Languages

Origin Of The Edoid Group Of Languages

Origin of the edoid group of languages are north west of benin city proper, from: archeology and language vol27, edoid languages show thier greatest diversity north west of benin city: joseph eboreime,oral traditions and pre history of edo speaking people of benin.

Elugbe 1979 suggest that this region is the original edoid home land also see emerging towns in benin and esan nigeria AD 500-1500 by patrick darling, from north west of benin city edoid speakers would have spread southwards to the plains into the delta area.

The linguistic evidence indicates an early dispersal from the north western forest margin which distributed a proto-edoid belt from the north to the extreme south and far west where they developed the dialectical features that distinguish the Benin from esan(ishan) from southern dialects, from states and society: the emergence and developement of social hierachy and political centralization by john gledhill and barbara bender.
And so in conclussion todays edo state is where edoids came from.

Oracle, site guide


Edo dictioanry by agheisy

The word ULABA is corrupted from the word ' Number '. I think the best word for it is Emwinaka vb' Edo.

"Mr edoighimioya please i kindly beg you to reach out with Rev father Brodick in St Augustine catholic church ukhegie street off I. c.e road on Benin city they have a good team of Bini intellectual that will help develop on it They trained Bini news caster .The E.B.S newscasters are product of that catholic church "- Morgan

Ọbota ọtẹn nọghaan, I just read the translation u post in "IRUẸMWI ẸDO N'AZẸ", and I say well-done. However, based on the rules guiding d formation of words (ikpẹmwẹ ne a kun) in Ẹdo, all nouns in Ẹdo (names: b it borrowed/adopted/currupted) must begins and ends with a vowel. (Omozuwa 2003). Therefore, nouns that are adopted/borrowed into Edo language undergo the process of either vowel elision, Or vowel insertion, Or consonant deletion/omission, or both. Eg: school = esuku, motor= imọto, machine =emasini,

"HAPPY CELEBRATION TO UKWUANI LANGUAGE CULTURE_CMELS" In celebrating our third year on facebook social media, Ukwuani Language Culture_Cmels is wishing all Ukwuani language friends & lovers a successful cruising towards the end of year 2014. We are still very much committed to uniting our younger generations to our

Learn Edo The Easy Way: Edo - English Dictionary Paperback By Brian Robbo d this interesting language Edo, this book titled: "Learn Edo the Easy Way" / "Edo - English Dictionary", with over 450 pages and more than 35,000 words contains almost every aspect of Edo day to day's spoken words. So, get it and be glad you did........ 2. To help you and your family learn and understand this interesting language Edo, this over 250 pages and more than 35,000 words book, with almost every aspect of Edo day to day's spoken words will do just that. So, get it and be glad you did

Abu Abdul-razak: Good literature, i started speaking edo language right 4rm child nd i hv never been to benin den wen i speak. I was born nd hail in afemal bt i understand esan bini etsako nd owan. it wil b beta to train people in edo language nd employ them in educational sector to teach the language 4rm primary to tertiary institue. I beliv

Uwagboe Ogieva:  We just have to take it one way. that is take the Benin language and empire (OUR ALL EDO HERITAGE ) teach and encourage our children to learn it. The Original Benin language is not for the Edo south BUT OUR ALL EDO ANCESTRAL LANGUAGE.. Like the ijebu, awore, etc took the Yoruba (OYO) as there general Yoruba language. infact many scholars have argued that the

Free Edo Language eBook Online Powered by OTEDO.COM Lectured by Uwagboe Ogieva This Book is the copyright of the author. Basically for domestic use. Any unauthorize sales, copy, reference, publishing in any form are high prohibited. Cost pize of the Copy of the Book  or excesize is 5euros and can be ordered online. Book Store: Introduction To Edonaze......................................................... 5 euros Edo Numerology (1st Edition) ................................................70 euros The Mathematics of Money in Edonaze (1st Edition).................40 euros Brief Guide To Understand Edo Language................................10 euros Collection of Edo Ancient Philosophy and Gallery.....................20 euros Edoid Nation of Nigeria...........................................................30 euros (DVD) Video Lecture: Omuhen Edonaze by Uwagboe Ogieva.....25 euros (CD-Audio) : Omuhen Edonaze................................................15 euros

"Language is capable of wearing several meanings in its message, mode, and receptacle. Do influences action, behavior, norms, values and other abstract yet perceptible roles of human beings in a society. Language brings mutual relationship and trust among different ethnic groups, community and trade" -Alex Igbineweka( Guosa-West African Language Evolutionist. "Azekazudo of Benin Kingdom"

The Meaning of the word Amwen Omo The value of the word Omo ,as in Omo N' Oba and Amwen Omo when a relitive,s wife is addressed is more than the meaning of a child. In my humble understanding Omo has come to carry a higher meaning than just a child from the time of Oba Ewuare N' Gidigan ( Ewuare the great ) As a mark of royal-like respect for all Benin married women they were to be addressed as Amwen Omo. From the time of Oba Ewuare the word OMO had started gaining the status of a single- personality - head that encompasses the entire Benin chiefs and subjects within the Benin kingdom. The word Omo began to enjoy a euphemism for the Oba as the subjects could not ulter the names or title name of the Oba for reasons of respect. Amwen omo therefore, in theory, was the wife of every man and woman in her husband's family which was ultimately headed by the Oba. I hope no one will mis-interpret this again. Practically there was a red line between this wife and all , except the real husband Emokpae Odigie

Ulaba vbe Edo 1  TO 100,000
By Uwagboe Ogieva 
Download and install Adobe Reader for free to view PDF file
12000 - 14000 14000 - 16000
22000 - 24000
24000 - 26000
26000 - 28000
28000 - 30000
30000 - 32000
32000 - 34000
34000 - 36000
36000 - 38000
38000 – 40000
40000 – 42000
42000 – 44000
44000 – 46000
46000 – 48000
48000 – 50000
50000 – 52000
52000 – 54000
54000 – 56000
56000 – 58000
58000 – 60000
60000 – 62000
62000 – 64000
64000 – 66000
66000 – 68000
68000 – 70000
70000 – 72000
72000 – 74000
74000 – 76000
76000 – 78000
78000 – 80000
80000 – 82000
82000 – 84000
84000 – 86000
86000 – 88000
88000 – 90000
90000 – 92000
92000 – 94000
94000 – 96000
96000 – 98000
98000 – 100000
see video: 
To be continue...

Ẹkpo In Monetary Term In Edonaze

Ẹkpo In Monetary Term By Uwagboe Ogieva

Ẹkpo = Two hundred

200 x 1 = 200 /ẹkpo ọkpa

200 x 2 = 400 / ẹkpo eva

200 x 3 = 600 / ẹkpo eha

200 x 4 = 800 / ẹkpo enen

200 x 5 = 1000 / ẹkpo isen

200 x 6 = 1200 / ẹkpo ehan

200 x 7 = 1400 / ẹkpo ihinron

200 x 8 = 1600 / ẹkpo erenren

200 x 9 = 1800 / ẹkpo ihinrin

200 x 10 = 2000 / ẹkpo igbe
  • ẹkpo owọrọ
    (200 x 11) = 2200
  • ẹkpo iweva
    (200 x 12) = 2400
  • ẹkpo iweha
    (200 x 13) = 2600
  • ẹkpo iwenen
    (200 x 14) = 2800
  • ẹkpo ekesugie
    (200 x 15) = 3000
  • ẹkpo enen ẹi rrọ vbe ugie
    (200 x 16) = 3200
  • ẹkpo eha ẹi rrọ vbe ugie
    (200 x 17) = 3400
  • ẹkpo eva ẹi rrọ vbe ugie
    (200 x 18) = 3600
  • ẹkpo ọkpa ẹi rrọ vbe ugie
    (200 x 19) = 3800
  • ẹkpo ugie
    (200 x 20) = 4000
200 x 21 = 4200
ẹkpo ọkpa yanren ugie


200 x 22 = 4400
ẹkpo eva yanren ugie


200 x 23 = 4600
ẹkpo eha yanren ugie


200 x 24 = 4800
ẹkpo enen yanren ugie


200 x 25 = 5000
ẹkpo isen yanren ugie


200 x 26 = 5200
ẹkpo enen ẹi rrọ vbe ọgban


200 x 27 = 5400
ẹkpo eha ẹi rrọ vbe ọgban


200 x 28 = 5600
ẹkpo eva ẹi rrọ vbe ọgban


200 x 29 = 5800
ẹkpo ọkpa ẹi rrọ vbe ọgban


200 x 30 = 6000
ẹkpo ọgban
200 x 31 = 6200 / ẹkpo ọkpa yanren ọgban

200 x 32 = 6400 / ẹkpo eva yanren ọgban

200 x 33 = 6600 / ẹkpo eha yanren ọgban

200 x 34 = 6800 / ẹkpo enen yanren ọgban

200 x 35 = 7000 / ẹkpo isen yanren ọgban

200 x 36 = 7200 / ẹkpo enen ẹi rrọ vbe iyeva

200 x 37 = 7400 / ẹkpo eha ẹi rrọ vbe iyeva

200 x 38 = 7600 / ẹkpo eva ẹi rrọ vbe iyeva

200 x 39 = 7800 / ẹkpo ọkpa ẹi rrọ vbe iyeva

200 x 40 = 8000 / ẹkpo iyeva


  • What is :

  • 1. 200 X 51 = ?
  • 2. 200 x 52 = ?
  • 3. 200 x 53 = ?
  • 4. 200 x 54 = ?
  • 5. 200 x 55 = ?
  • 6. 200 x 71 = ?
  • 7. 200 x 89 = ?
  • 9. 200 x 93 = ?
  • 10. 200 x 200 = ?
  • In edonaze

Wa gia gha zẹ Ẹdo

200 x 40 = 8000
ẹkpo iyeva

200 x 41 = 8200
ẹkpo ọkpa yanren iyeva

200 x 42 = 8400
ẹkpo eva yanren iyeva

200 x 43 = 8600
ẹkpo eha yanren iyeva

200 x 44 = 8800
ẹkpo enen yanren iyeva

200 x 45 = 9000
ẹkpo isen yanren iyeva

200 x 46 = 9200
ẹkpo enen ẹi rrọ vbe ekigbesiyeha

200 x 47 = 9400
ẹkpo eha ẹi rrọ vbe ekigbesiyeha

200 x 48 = 9600
ẹkpo eva ẹi rrọ vbe ekigbesiyeha

200 x 49 = 9800
ẹkpo ọkpa ẹi rrọ vbe ekigbesiyeha

200 x 50 = 10000
ẹkpo ekigbesiyeha

Unu ne ọzẹdo

Edo Music Playlist

These playlists are collections of  Edo (African) highlife music in history. Great songs from living legend too included. Artists range from Ohenhen, Amunataba, Artur Alile, Omochico-Bay, Adamosa, Talents of Benin, Patrick Idahosa, Richard Ugiagbe, Dombraye Aghama, Collins Oke, Great Ojo, Isaac Eguasa, Osayomore Joseph, Ukodo, Osula, Akaba Man,Robinson, Fabomo, Victor Uwaifo, the best of "Uselu motor park" led by Osaro Nomayo and some of the best from Etsako and Esan collections.. Enjoy it!


Esosa (vbe óh rie ma / what it means)

Esosa (vbe óh rie ma / what it means)

(Discussion on yahoo group)

Esosa is a corrupt word from Eseosa (God's gift). 'Eseosa is use when writing in English language while in Edo language is 'ẹseosa' i.e. revealing the difference of the vowel sound 'ẹ' 'o' and 'a' as the correct pronunciations of said name. ẹseosa as a name is mostly female name but often inter use for male child. It should be noted that ẹseosa could be an abbreviation from ẹseosasẹre (together as a noun); meaning God gift is the best.
As African culture and traditions permits, names are giving to children base on various reasons ranging from, events, situation, condition, gratitude, mode of keeping history, wish and desire for their child etc. In above said name one could imagine, parents who give such name means to express gratitude to their imaginary supreme being, suppose provider of the said child for a nice and admirable son or daughter they have.
Expatiating on the literal meaning of 'Ëseosa', we could split her into
(1) ẹse, ọgho osa.
(2) ẹse ọgh'osa.
(3) ẹse osa.
Either could take 'orẹ ọh sẹre' (meaning 'is the best').E.g.
(1a) ẹse ọghe osa ẹr'ọh sẹre
(2a) ẹse ọgh'osa ẹr'ọh sẹre
(3a) ẹse osa ẹr'ọh sẹre.

These can also be explain in sentence like
(2b) ẹse ọghe osa ẹr'ọh sẹre
(3b) ẹse osa ẹr'ọh sẹre.

That's my takes on the meaning of Esosa

Posts: 128 (Response by Prof. Alex Igbineweka on Edo nation yahoogroup)

Dear all,

I am so glad that people are coming up more positively in the Edo language and cultural studies. However, I have often advocated that what is what doing at all is what doing well. For this reason I suggested a long time ago for the Edos (especially those in Diaspora) to form a united learning pool and a school whereby we could appoint selected key people who are gifted specially in various arts and sciences including Edo language teaching among the Edo State indigenous groups at home and abroad.

Edofolks is doing some audio casting based on his knowledge in the Edo language both spoken and written. Brother Ogie is on another branch of the language teaching and we are expecting more and more spirited sons and daughters to get into this field of knowledge.

However, while appreciatimg their laudible, shall we have someone to train the trainers much more accurately and professionally in the Edo language spoken and written because, at this rate, if care is not taken we would be having bastardized versions of the Edo languages and that is not helpful to the Edo people or a non-Edo person trying to learn how to speak and write the subject. This is not fun at all.

There is nothing wrong if we teamed up to channel efforts have an EDO COMMUNITY SCHOOLS IN LONDON, USA, CANADA, JAPAN etc, like the Lebanese or the Chinese Community Schools all over the world.

Take a look at the extract below, for instance (with due respect I apologize to brother Ogie) if my piece of advise is misconstrued. The spellings raised questions, concern which bothers on cohesion, consistency, meanings, and so on. A non-Edo learner may be mis-lead into wrong grammatical knowledge by so doing and it is very painful to spend time and money learning someone else's language only to blab at the end because of wrong instructional strategies and knowledge.

1. Esosa is an Edo name and the writer so well defined the meaning, for which I am so grateful. However, the sentence:The sentence 'Esosa (vbe óh rie ma)'in the Edo language meant: 'Eseosa, what did it show/revealed' if translated into the English language. While the translation is ok but the spelling is wrong and the sentence could have been written:Edo Language: 'Eseosa''..vbe o rhie maOr in another format:Edo language: 'Eseosa' '..vbe a yae kha'English Language: 'Eseosa''.what did it mean (or 'Eseosa', what's the meaning)We have to be very careful not to put the subject before the verb when a sentence required the verb before the subject.



Posts: 128
So much appreciates your response and that is one reason I posted that to yahoogroups.
Of course perfection is not here yet but hope to if majority of good Edo linguist, take bold step (like you) to speak, write and teach us what they know. We cannot continue to hide under excuses keeping our book, knowledge and experience under carpet, playing the 'pale' 'pale'game without works. How will they know if nobody is there to teach them' How long will it take us to realize our mistake in the past of conserve our language from our occupied territories that led to our present day dilemma and misrepresentations as minorities in Nigeria and of course thru west African at large' Believe you will be doing all good if simply pick up your pen or computer keyboard and correct however and whatever you think or observe is wrong or not right in any author interpretation of Edo language.
While we appreciate what previous authors have put down, we also recognize the challenges and competent of their work to compare comprehensive modern day language composition. Most of their works need revisit and elaboration because language from time to time need be organize and updated to stand the test of time. Our point is logical i.e. growing Edo language more than where it has been. Had wanted to publish my book first to join in the debate on the way forward to standardize reading and writing skill in Edo language (spoken or writing)
Besides, I also agree for a come together of all authors and linguistic professionals on finding a common way to put all ideals, knowledge, and experience in one basket (on a common ground) all for the betterment of having one Edo language structure now and for future generations.
Until then,
Remains your faithful student.
Posts: 128
(Response by Prof. Alex Igbineweka at Edo Nation yahoogroups)
Beloved Ogie, Ogie the king,

You are one in a million. When I saw the headlines of your response I said oh ma ghad...hope I have not caused mayhem of internet hullabaloo because, you know what I meant....people just take a simple friendly/brotherly discussion out of context on the mailing list.

Contrarily.. .I let my breath down before reading through your response. This is how brothers, sisters and friends should discuss publicly and privately - peacefully and harmoniously. I hope readers would take a cue from our simply communication like this.

Yes I have been on the course of having an Edo Language Community Schools all over the world for the last two decades; but sadly enough ' ninety-nine percent of those on the list of policy formulation and decisions making, and those who have a little to spare have no room for research, documentation and futuristic investment especially in our languages. Yet everyone makes noise about 'Edo Culture' or at the best 'Great Benin Kingdom'. Right now it's a matter of "come-on lets eat and dance, for tomorrow we shall die".
I started in 1990s when the Edo-nation@yahoogro ups was set up, by posting writing and posting out Edo language lessons on the internet and other out lets. Next I fought gallantly making sure that the West Contra Costa Unified School District in California included the Edo language syllabus in their list of courses. I am not gain-saying, please go to www.guosa-language. tv. Tina Iyare followed up seriously and professionally with in her own solo efforts and both of us tried not only to set a new standardized format but correct the mistakes people like Ogieriaxi have made and uphold the dawn of the new era.
Thereafter we commenced classes at the Richmond School District Alvarado Campus with a staggering nominal roll of 15 students (both adults and youths). At the end of each course I set up the examinations and those students who passed got the WEST CONTRA COSTA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT CERTIFICATES IN EDO LANGUAGE. How beautiful it was.
In middle term of the following year, Edo parents around the Bay Area began with excuses and no-call no show tardiness. I was left with barely 5 students made up of African Americans; and what happened next, the schools management decided to cancel the course syllabus. On my repeated battle they decided to put the course on hold, pending whenever I am able to come up with seriously minded minimum number of 15 registered students. I remember, in his bid to help sustain this class Mr. Festus Ogbeide helped to pay admission fee for 3 students in order for us to make up the course nominal requirement. I believe this should be a good historical background for anyone who wants to push this project to the next level.
He who fights and run away needs to fight another day. I was forced to run away but did not give up. Next I started by audio visual recordings of the Edo language and came up with it to the ENA Conventions several times. The ENA will not give the attention this project desired but went on wide elephant projects and big-English language obubuya-yah speaking competition in almost every subject on agenda. They even want me to pay money and rent a booth, rather than making these projects their priority investment.
Then Brother Ehimwenma Aimiuwu came up with his own version of Edo language CDs and I proffered him my professional advice, that his presentation needed lots of improvement. And that we all are not equally talented into various fields of life. Therefore, we could team up and make out one big company and a pool of Edo language Community Schools. We could bring in much needed various talented people into the schools management. For instance, Mr. Aimiuwu can come into the pool with his marketing strategy, while I come in with my professional spoken and written skills. Sister Tina Iyare will be happy to come up with her own brain storming of naming the human anatomy, whereas Ogie-Ogie should be there with his indispensability, not to forget the American Heritage University in San Bernadino and of course the Institute for Benin Studies and so on.
If we can call for a meeting of these individuals and agencies, no doubt we would form a common front needed in these struggles; and challenge the Edo State Government as well as other various Edo peoples conference and organizers all around the world, to give the matter all the serious attention it deserved. A tree cannot make a forest, no matter how blossom it may be.
Right now, I am teaching the Edo language on my web television programs. Recording and programming is not easy but who is there to help' I have even gone as far as having the Edo language programs on the Youth-tube.
Thank you so much for all your efforts. We need to come together and make a one common front to set the pace forward.
Otherwise no one may inherit our efforts, talents and creativity when we are all gone for good.
Guosa Language Evolutionist
*A 20th Century Evolution
Director, Edo Language Program
American Heritage University
San Bernadino

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(Culled from a responsed on Facebook)
Uwagboe Ogieva has done his best to make sure our dear edo language lives forever and be spoken from generation to generation, thanks to him. I hereby appeal to every edo person to join in this crusade to immortalize our language because he can't do it alone. Let's support him in every ways especially to those who have their children away from home. Let's teach our children how to speak our EDO language because a man will be lost for ever when his language is taken from him 'DEKHE AMA ZE EVBUOMWAN AWIRI'. Secondly, the edo elites should do their best by prompting the ministery of education to introduce and make compulsory the learning and speaking of edo language in the primary and secondary schools in our state. When we do this, we will be paving and building a platform where our children will stand tomorrow and unite. The understanding and speaking of one common language is pivotal to unity and this we undeniably need in our kingdom 'AKUGBE ORE ETIN, IWANIEGBE ORUDEMWEN'

Ulaba vbe Edo 1  TO 100,000
By Uwagboe Ogieva 
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12000 - 14000 14000 - 16000
22000 - 24000
24000 - 26000
26000 - 28000
28000 - 30000
30000 - 32000
32000 - 34000
34000 - 36000
36000 - 38000
38000 – 40000
40000 – 42000
42000 – 44000
44000 – 46000
46000 – 48000
48000 – 50000
50000 – 52000
52000 – 54000
54000 – 56000
56000 – 58000
58000 – 60000
60000 – 62000
62000 – 64000
64000 – 66000
66000 – 68000
68000 – 70000
70000 – 72000
72000 – 74000
74000 – 76000
76000 – 78000
78000 – 80000
80000 – 82000
82000 – 84000
84000 – 86000
86000 – 88000
88000 – 90000
90000 – 92000
92000 – 94000
94000 – 96000
96000 – 98000
98000 – 100000
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Eyurhopu - Europe

Eni évbo n'ore eh uropu (EUROPE) kevbe eh kapita ihian

debae Amavbo - Flag óghe ihian

By Uwagboe Ogieva

ingilisi - English
Kapita - Capital
Language - évbonazé

Andorra ne Vila






Bosinia vbe Hezegovina




















Ore Luzenbọgi












San Marrino
Ore San Marrino






Bern or Berne




Vatican City
Holy See
Vatican City

Partially recognised states

Geo-political entities in Europe with partial diplomatic recognition by one or more sovereign states, defined as 'states' by thedeclarative theory of statehood.
Language - évbonazé


Nagomo Karrabakh




Nonsovereign territories and regions

Language - évbonazé

Akirotiri vbe Hẹkẹlia

Ailandi e Farroẹ


Pọt e San Pita

Aisio okpia

San Heliea

Europe countries with flags by WIKIPEDIA

Name of country, with flag Area
(1 July 2002 est.) 
Population density
(per km²) 
 Andorra46868,403146.2Andorra la Vella
 Armenia 29,8003,229,900101Yerevan
 Azerbaijan 86,6009,000,00097Baku
 Bosnia and Herzegovina51,1294,448,50077.5Sarajevo
 Cyprus 9,251788,45785Nicosia
 Czech Republic78,86610,256,760130.1Prague
 France 547,03059,765,983109.3Paris
 Georgia 69,7004,661,47364Tbilisi
 Kazakhstan 2,724,90015,217,7115.6Astana
 Republic of Macedonia25,7132,054,80081.1Skopje
 Netherlands 41,52616,318,199393.0Amsterdam
 Portugal 91,56810,409,995110.1Lisbon
 Russia 17,075,400142,200,00026.8Moscow
 San Marino6127,730454.6San Marino
 Serbia 88,3617,495,74289.4Belgrade
 Turkey n[›]783,56271,517,10093Ankara
 United Kingdom244,82061,100,835244.2London
 Vatican City0.449002,045.5Vatican City


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